Twitter is one of the widely used social platform giving an allowance of 280 characters. The account user can post any photo or video with captions of your kind. You can interact with others by tagging, liking, commenting, and retweeting it. Tweeting is a method of broadcasting your post to your followers. However, the usage of twitter is a little different from other social sites likes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Every social platform is having ways of interaction. You need to get into the right methods for having a swift flow in tweeting. All you know the mechanism of twitter thoroughly to get started.

An easy way of tweeting:

The methods of posting anything in the tweeter is called tweeting. You need to make your account in tweeter before you get started. Here is your answer for the interrogation- how to tweet on twitter?

  • Select the post you want to tweet.
  • You get a “compose new tweet” window in the screen. Type your required message in the given text field. There is a circle present in the right corner of the text field showcasing the word limit. You also have an option of adding photos or video, inserting any GIF, location sharing, and poll adding.
  • If you need to refer any other tweeter user, you need to put a @symbol and type the name of the desired user. It is the same mechanism followed on Facebook and Instagram. Once you place the symbol, you get many options of the users.
  • You can use some of the established hashtags, or you can create your hashtags. It can be cited as #life_is_fun.
  • Commercial brands or events have their specific hashtags one-liners. They promote their online campaigns using hashtags.
  • Once you are done with all the formalities, you are left with pressing the “tweet” button. Once you recheck you tweet you are all set to boost it to your public page.

Some tweets that always work

There is a time when you feel like you have nothing to tweet in your page. You can try out some of the following as ultimate solutions.

Tweet about any customer service you recently received:

You can tweet about any customer service like a service of the salon, boutique, resort, etc. you received recently. Write about your experiences with them. It is a smart way of advertising the brand to all the viewers.

Tweet about your meals:

You can tweet photos of any restaurant you visited. You can add photos of something you cooked yourself with a lot of hashtags. You will receive a lot of shouts out to your masterpiece.

Tweet any video:

You can tweet any video giving funny, inspirational, and rational outputs. However, you can post videos of your activity. You can tag some of your friends in it.

There are a lot of opportunities for fun in the tweeter. However, it is essential to know the essentiality of social media first before you start to exploit it ruthlessly. It is a place where you get to interact with a lot of people across the globe. All you need to be careful about your post in tweeter. It should not be conveying any negative aspects or something you regret later.


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